Monday, January 3, 2011

The Year of Secret Assignments by Jaclyn Moriarty

Book Blurb
The Ashbury-Brookfield pen pal program was designed to bring together the "lowlife Brooker kids" (as they're known to the Ashburyites) and the "rich Ashbury snobs" (as they're called by the Brookfielders) in a spirit of harmony and the Joy of the Envelope. But things don't go quite as planned. Lydia and Sebastian trade challenges, like setting off the fire alarm at Brookfield. Emily tutors Charlie in How to Go On a Date with a Girl. But it's Cassie and Matthew who both reveal and conceal the most about themselves -- and it's their secrets and lies that set off a war between the two schools.

My Review
I read this a couple months ago, so some of the details are a bit fuzzy.  But what I do recall is absolutely adoring this book.  I loved the characters, the humor, the writing style, all of it!  In fact, I just "lent" this Kindle book out to my little sister.  She has 14 days to read it, and if she wastes my one lend-out, I'm going to be mad!

I loved all three of the girls, Emily, Lydia, and Cassie.  They are funny, loyal to each other, and completely lovable.  The author did a great job of narrating each character- sometimes characters can blend together in books with multiple narrators.  These girls had distinct personalities and idiosyncrasies.  The boys were also funny and amusing, but I'd say the three most dynamic characters for me were the girls.

Great pacing for this one- I was never bored and it wasn't totally predictable.  Towards the end the plot gets a bit outrageous and incredible, but at that point I was so hooked on it that I didn't mind.

The girls are great friends to each other.  The romantic relationships keep you guessing and on your toes.  Not at all steamy romances, but so sweet and fun.

I have nothing bad to say about this book!  I pretty much loved it from start to finish!  4 Stars :)

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