Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wake Unto Me

Book Blurb
Caitlyn Monahan knows she belongs somewhere else. It's what her dead mother's note suggested, and it's what her recurring nightmares allude to.

Desperate to flee these terrifying dreams--and her small town--she accepts a spot at a boarding school in France. Only, when she arrives, her nightmares get worse.

But then there are her amazing dreams, so vivid and so real, with visits from an alluring, mysterious, and gorgeous Italian boy from the 1500s. Caitlyn knows they are soul mates, but how can she be in love with someone who exists only in her dreams?

Then, as her reality and dream world collide, Caitlyn searches for the real reason why she was brought to this school. And what she discovers will change her life forever.
My Review
I started and finished this book today (again- YAY SPRING BREAK!).  I was so torn about what I wanted to say, because I don't want to spoil anything.  It had some elements that drove me crazy, but I still think it is worth a read for people who enjoy paranormal/time travel/historical fiction/young adult.
So I'll start with what I liked.  I love the cover- I think it will appeal to young adult readers and get picked up quite a bit in my classroom library.  I loved the history that was woven into the story.  I liked the plot a lot- it kept me hooked and engaged in figuring the mystery out along with the protagonist.  
Now, for some things that drove me crazy (I am going to keep this as general as possible so as not to ruin any of the plot twists).  The characters were all a bit flat to me.  After the first pages I actually thought to myself "Uh-oh, this is going to be painful."  It wasn't really THAT painful- it just isn't as deep as I prefer.  Caitlyn falling in love with the Raphael?  It happened after 10 seconds.  That makes me crazy.  Caitlyn willing to 'give everything up' for him?  It happened after maybe several combined hours with him.  Again, it kills me.  He is not a love interest that inspires any response from me- I feel like I barely have any idea who he is.  I really just had to suspend disbelief and turn off that voice in my head that was going to keep me from enjoying what was a pretty well thought out story despite these issues.

I'm teetering between 3 and 4 stars... but I think I will go with 4 because despite some of the flaws, I actually did enjoy reading it a lot.  

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  1. I was laughing when I read through the issues that you had with the book because I could relate to them. I also would have loved to have a better sense of Raphael while reading. Nonetheless, there were other aspects of the book that kept me hooked.

    I am also a middle school teacher, so I look forward to seeing more of your posts.