Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sean Griswold's Head

Here's another one that I solidly enjoyed. The main character was quirky and original, yet still as self-absorbed as our teenage years demand.  The premise of the novel was cute- in order to work through a family issue, the M.C. Payton Gritas is forced to see the school psychologist.  She is given an assignment- find an inanimate 'focus object' to journal about for several weeks.  She chooses Sean's head, as he sits in front of her in classes since grade school.  As she starts to get to know him for 'research', Payton realizes there is a lot more to Sean than his oversized melon, and comes to terms with her issues.  It was cute and touching, and a fun read even for middle-school aged kids as the content is P.G.

4 Stars

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